The Catholics

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50% residual quantity with which society must live. Their (low tech) profession – life-sense is the working bees! Soldiers watch over them to protect the elite. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out George Kelly. Basic education to fill out application to a Hartz 4. Money for alcohol and cigarettes includes Hartz 4 for children. It is intensely supported by Kindergartens and schools (sorting for elementary school students: auxiliary work and Hartz 4).

“” Labour offices: what the industry needs? “instead of what angle has the young man?” “Then follow part public companies such as Chamber of Commerce/DIHT with trade unions, RKW and REFA etc. etc.: the man must be compatible with the machine and is part of the Assembly line!” (Machinery) Special purpose entity (target) instead of (human) sense-orientation (reason)! The Catholics were so honest and once required people with minimal education: the Bible (basic form german) should read and decipher his payslip range! According to the mirror 2009, industrial growth, instead of development in the human interest, from Europe to Asia shifted in the next 50 years. Africa, Arabia and South America past. As a result, millions of the unemployed in the EU. The European age pyramid – still the (intended) intelligence problem of German elementary school students remain ineffective. Integration is a security issue. We remember: as 1990 East of Germany was assigned to the West German industries to maximum 60% were utilised. Why did the East German industry? Because even the additional supply of 17 million East German learning our industry only to approximately 96% weighed out! 17 million were superfluous as workers first! 2010 global it produced in the first manufacturing market.

It is played in the secondary trading market to stock exchanges and banks 2010 global and ver-plays and thus already a cog higher worldwide turnover achieved. Here a takes worker a few seconds on the Internet tax-free! Cui bono (who uses it?)? The elite (10%; Politicians, bankers, lawyers, tax experts) of the respective global companies! Today, the money rule has about 90% of the nation’s wealth. Education protects against unemployment!”a vocational training everyone needs, because not enough (German) workers demand there will be for the future job offers!” Euphemistic statements and political correctness of our elected representatives to the German Sovereign: His (elective) people. Everyone knows these talk- blow. We remember the images of the America earlier decades: slums! If we fail to change the growth to the development, it looks too soon in Europe! There is enough money! It is only wrong distributed! Thanks to globalization: Brave new world. Wolfgang Schwalm (text forge

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