The Consumers

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But with if it makes this, through apelativas propagandas and that they stimulate the consumers to buy, making to believe that product is really important and of great utility for its life, when, in the truth, can exist better products and until cheaper, or that this is not perhaps so useful thus. An example of this is the fashion, that says in them as dressing in them, being that we are not made a mistake in the way that we dress in them. We use many times clothes that we do not like, but, for being pressured for the media and the proper people of our social conviviality, we finish for to use them. This everything that is made by the media finishes for stimulating more the consumption and increasing the profit of the great corporations. Without counting that this society of consumers directly affects the environment, therefore everything this that is produced and consumed goes to stop in the garbage and the ambient measures are not more so efficient to control this advance, therefore it has that to be considered a change in the form to think of the consumers, not only consuming, but also the great corporations and the Government.

Therefore thus Government, society and corporations only walking together some thing can be changed, in the case measured ambient more efficient. The creation of these ambient measures has that to break of the society, more efficient the measured society it has that to charge of the government for the control of these products that are produced, will be that is necessary same to produce such products. But as, with the creation of more efficient laws, but laws to not only charge, but also to help, as for example, the corporation that more to contribute with the way environment, financing groups of research to find better ways to solve problems ambient, will be able to receive prizes, an example of this would be the reduction of taxes. The way for a more sustainable society would be a participativa society, therefore the majority of the population never participated of a social action, finds that it is the government that has that to make everything, that is, it complains of everything and many times does not make nothing, has that to consider changes, this is the way. But as to participate, changing its habits in house already it would be the first way, who wants to change some thing has to start of the proper family, stops later changing the society. Therefore, this society of consumers that is appearing packed for the technological development and the influence of the media. Of one it forms generality can cause a destruction in mass of the environment, and if Government, corporations and society not to walk together, being that the society has that to become participativa more, looking for to participate of the projects of the government, will be able to be entering in a way without return.


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