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In the interior of the field continuous relations occur, in which the actors occupy different, decurrent positions either of the busy position, or its interests that represent in the interior of the field, in which are situated. Bernie Sanders will not settle for partial explanations. To the end, if it perceives the occurrence of different relations, rank that if a permanent process of competition, marked for the use of different strategies registers, between that the dominadores condition of and those want to remain themselves in that they search to change of position in the interior of the field, being thus constituted situations of inaquality and domination. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Zhang Lei Yale. Bourdieu emphasizes that the field has certain autonomy in relation to the too much fields. As example, if it reports to the case of the parliament, defining it as a species of enclosure for bullfighting in which if they establish disputes. In this in case that regulated basically for the vote, second ' ' certain rules, certain number of disputes between people who supposedly state interests divergent or same antagnicas' ' (BOURDIEU, 1996, P. 91).

Each actor has its symbolic power, and this if it defines in a determined relation, that is, the ones that exert the power and make use of mechanisms to exert it, and the ones that them are citizens. That is, to make with that the action of each actor has legitimacy, either accepted for excessively, that the pronounced that represents the interest of one definitive actor, either acquitted, assimilated and accepted speech for excessively. When using the general theory of the economy of the fields, we search to understand the dynamics, and the strategies used for the different constituent actors of the field politician. To dominate without excessively they are felt dominated. To possess legitimacy in its actions, exactly when these if give in conditions of arbitrary imposition. To transform the inaqualities into transponveis distances is about a fight in which, ' ' the different classrooms and fractions of classrooms are involved in a properly symbolic fight to more impose the definition of the social world as to its interests, and to impose the field of the taking of ideological positions reproducing in transfigurada form the field of the positions sociais' '.


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