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Language and culture constitute the proper world of the life, together with the institucional orders of the society and the structures of the personality that belong to the social and subjective world. Arago (1997, P. 49) complements the idea to to comment that To the transcendental concept of world of the life they correspond three essential formadoras structures: culture, personality and society? that they are its atemporais invariantes components. On the other hand, to the concept of empirical vital world they correspond the specific particular contents to a culture form, a type of society, and a structure of personality, 0 variable secular and historically. Others who may share this opinion include Michael Chabon. Or still, said of another form, the structures are invariantes, but the passveis contents of discursiva validity in each one of these structures are historical and socially conditional. Therefore, culture, society and personality are component structural of the world of the life. The interactions of practical the communicative one constitute the way for which these components if reproduce. Valley to clarify that, in the communication relation, all the people act as communicative agents, but if only becomes social actors when they exert the paper of falante and listener, in the interaction with the other for the search of an agreement.

Being the school a structure of the world of life, resultant of the communicative and responsible rationality for the maintenance of the cited structures previously, by means of the education, when occurring some social alteration, or when the instrumental reason reigns, the right and the freedom of the citizens are engaged. This generates, in this space, disinterests and depreciation of the world of the life and, with this, the personality also is engaged. The communicative reason demands to think of critical form the responsibility of all the involved ones about the educational process, in way to lead for the learning and at the same time to rethink the pedagogical actions, that enclose the plan social politician and, promoting the continuation of the cultural identity of the citizen. .


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