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As a result of this deformation is incorrect load on the knee and hip joints, as well as on the spine. Which eventually leads to additional health problems, and sometimes – to complete loss of mobility. At the first signs of deformation of the big toe to the same address struck a podiatrist. The specialist conducts a complete diagnosis of the state of the skeletal system in the presence of stop arthritis, osteoarthritis, cysts, osteoporosis, avascular necrosis, inflammation, the periosteum. Treatment of deformation of the big toe depends on results of this study.

How to ease the pain To ease your pain and walking before you put on shoes and relieve pain, to put a piece of bone foil. Fill pan halfway with hot water. Emptying in a handful of salt. When the water cools to body temperature, lower in his legs and hold it for 15 minutes. Make the bath as follows: daily for two weeks in a row, then a week break. So four courses.

The efficiency of the method: the "bumps" on his feet make slices of fresh river fish and fasten them with bandages. Leave overnight. So seven times in a row. The next seven nights to rub into the sore spot fir oil. Lubricate the bones medical bile. Series of bile with tincture of iodine acetate – 5 drops of iodine to channuyu vinegar. Take one teaspoon of dry mustard, honey and soda. Mix until kashitsopodobnoy mass. Then put it on the bones, feet first in the water to steam. Above the slurry make cellophane and wrapped his legs bandaged. Such bandage every night for 10-12 days. Remember! Wear only comfortable shoes without a heel. If possible, being replaced by shoes soft and comfortable shoes. Choose a convenient, high-quality and not too narrow shoes to leg it has free. Cheap shoes do not have arch support – elevation, which supports the foot in a natural position. And it is extremely important, especially if you already have flat feet. Muscles and ligaments are able to adjust to certain conditions. Between the toes Put flagella made of cotton or buy in a pharmacy special silicone interdigital ridges. In the beginning of deformation of the big toe help stop the orthotics, inserts, finger correctors and tie. In no event do not neglect preventive measures. Otherwise inevitable surgery. It is conducted in a particularly severe cases. However, and its much to fear not: modern medicine has developed methods of surgical treatment of foot deformity. Do exercises Bring the toes off the floor crumpled piece of paper and put it in his hand. As the development exercise "grab" more complex objects – a cloth, pen, lighter, dice. Try to move the toes apart. That's good, promotes and strengthens small muscles, and ligaments ankle. Learn how to crumple a piece of paper with his foot, as hand

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