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These include: Masks, Cut and Crumble, Cherry Division, Think Bubble, Scamper, among others. The "Thinkertoys" Intuitively, for connecting with the unconscious and find ideas that already have. These include: how to relax, Blue Roses, Three b, Rattlesnake and Roses, The Stone Soup Bath, Color, Landscape of Dreams, The Technical Da'Vinci, among others. To generate optimal levels of creativity, we must work with the "Thinkertoys" alternately, ie a set of linear thinking, followed by an intuitive, that strikes a balance between the two thoughts, plus you get a deeper foundation on the idea generated by exploiting both sides of the brain. Learn to take advantage of thinkertoys, affects a great help for all people who want to free their creative spirit, in the interest of promoting organizations to be more competitive. Also personally or individually, to learn how to unleash the creativity, helps generate new business opportunities, innovate, improve products, services and processes, solve complex business problems and revitalize markets, become more productive.

The use of thinkertoys will also directly affect the brain first he has put into practice (left and right lobe), this stimulus in turn impacts on appeal on the creative abilities of the individual, was becoming a person of quick fixes and interesting proposals. The following details how this process occurs. The main advantages are: u Find new and exciting ways to address the problems and generate solutions. u Allows you perceive the work as a game and not as a sacrifice and not a terrible responsibility. u Allows solve our own blockages, product of intellectual and physical stress.

u Facilitates the development of self-knowledge and intuition. Dr. Mark Hyman has much to offer in this field. u Help to abandon that runs from the paralysis of fear of action arising out of faith in the power of the creative capacities of individuals and teams. u Learn how to: Build u ideas at will. u Finding new ways to make money. u Create new business opportunities. u Handling and modify ideas until you find the most innovative and powerful as possible. u Create new products, services and old processes. u Develop solutions to complex business problems. u Revitalize business. u View problems as opportunities. Becoming more productive u u be the "person of ideas" in your organization. u Knowing where to look for the "important or groundbreaking idea." u Becoming indispensable for the organization. Definitely, each of us must assert their own individual creativity. Although many facets of human creativity are similar, are never identical. There are infinite variations of individual creativity, each person has to do something different, something that is unique.

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