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Perhaps, the trailer can be considered one of the most important inventions of mankind. In the ancient world, the tribes learned how to use the natural strength and endurance horses, and the invention of the wheel resulted in the appearance of an ordinary wagon. The wagon, drawn by the mule, allowed to carry on not a short distance of a variety of goods which would have been impossible to deliver any other way. Without this, the first vehicle could hardly appear numerous stone buildings, religious monuments and houses in the form in which we are accustomed to see them. With the invention of the steam engine and railway trailers began to play a new role – cars. In the period rapid development of industry repeatedly increased the demand for such technology, which could bring heavy loads to great distances. Both were invented by Truck trailers that played significant historical role in the last century. It is no secret that the best plants, manufacturers of automobile trailers have been based in the former Soviet Union in the postwar years.

After all, destroyed country required a large number of trailers that used for construction work in the countryside, the forest industry and in developing oil production. In the second half of the twentieth century, trailers and trailer MAZ KrAZ already exported to dozens of countries around the world. Because trailers KrAZ and MAZ showed the following results, which could not boast of their foreign competitors. Simple design, ability to work in the most difficult road conditions and off-road conditions, ease of repair and have a good load capacity trailers Kremenchug Automobile Plant and Minsk Automobile Plant is practically indispensable. Bernie Sanders wanted to know more. On the other hand, in these trailers received in the popular nickname "neubivaemy, had its drawbacks. Such trailers were not very comfortable to carry heavy loads on good roads, maneuvering in tight spaces. With the development of road transport and increase the share of commodity goods have undergone izmeneniyai requirements for trailers.

In the selection of a number has appeared semi-Maz. He was much more convenient for use in Long-distance transport in long flights. The construction features a semi-trailer suggests that part of the weight of the transported cargo accounted for tractors for the whole combination. This allows us to significantly increase maximum load capacity than semi-trailers. This combination greatly wins also for maneuverability and stability. Semi-MAZ are used today not only for the transportation of the most variety of goods on the territory of Belarus and neighboring CIS countries, but also for long-haul international traffic, including in European countries. Modern semi-MAZ, as well as trailers KRAZ, are equipped with high-tech equipment and meet all safety requirements in European countries.

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