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A man shows the evolution of modern dance, two rappers show their activities in a normal afternoon and a teenager gets tips on how to lose weight: this is the world of viral videos. Viral videos can be best described as video clips of short duration with unusually shocking or humorous topics, they may also be curious videos or music videos. Often tend to share on social networks, web sites for sharing videos and/or electronic personal emails. The viral videos take their name due to the way that apparently try to imitate and they act in way smiliar to a virus that is watered and spans the entire panorama of the Internet. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Mark Hyman). What can begin as a video private family easily could be offered on a web site in Japanese, literally, within hours, weeks or days. Before there was the possibility of sharing files from digital video over the Internet, the only way most that people could see the viral videos was through local or community television stations.

The recordings of an event, news or mood could or not be submitted at the end of a local news program, and thus there was a viable method of repeating those stories, the truth there were 0pocas possibilities that some video clip is severity in viral videos and easily tour the world in a matter of hours. With the advent of the Internet and the ability to record, edit and publish videos from a home computer came the opening and positioning of what is today known as viral videos. Short video clips could now be sent through e-mail attachments or posted on web sites or in any search engine of videos. A number of aspiring filmmakers and actors were commissioned to create original content targeted to become viral videos. Even established a type comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live, a program of much prestige in the U.S. which I support in this method of video to expand your range of public. Web sites of video and file sharing like YouTube have come to be well known for its welcome and space for the presentation of viral videos. Many of the most viewed videos on YouTube are considered viral videos. Some viral videos have a lifespan very short but memorable, while others continue to be popular for years. It can be difficult to know if a video in particular will become viral or not, but there is no shortage of amateur and professional producers willing to take the risk. Original author and source of the article

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