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But yes it seems logical (and in this match all specialists), that the best way to administer Omega 3 to our body is using foods that contain it in large quantity in a natural way. The natural food rich in Omega 3 is blue fish called. Among them is the tuna, bonito, trout, sardines, mackerel, salmon and many seafood. Other foods rich in Omega 3 are walnuts and almonds, and we can also find this essential oil in soybeans, lettuce, pineapple, cabbage or strawberries, among other foods. Include these foods in your daily and weekly diet is advisable in patients with bipolar disorder, because as we said, it has been shown that positively influences stabilize and prolong States of euthymia and normalcy. DO AND WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE PILLS OF OMEGA 3? Therefore passes that are a good option for those people who for whatever reason can not drink regularly needed food. But beware, before you buy any food supplement of this type it is not more consult your specialist.

It is also important to see the composition of these products. They often contain two types of Omega 3 acids, called EPA and DHA. To not get involved in complex quimico-nutricionales jaleos EPA it is important to keep clean blood vessels and has anti inflammatory properties and anticoagulants that keep the heart and brain healthy. DHA is highly concentrated in the brain, which helps neurons communicate through neurotransmitters more agile and subdued. This substance has been proven effective to protect the brain from harmful developments and communication failures like those that cause diseases like Alzheimer’s.And Yes, although it is much to investigate, also has been linked the low quantity of acids DHA in the brain with Bipolar disorder, therefore, in the composition of any supplement of Omega 3 taken to help in the treatment of bipolar disorder, must appear these substances, EPA and DHA, ideally a more or less balanced and of high quality.

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