Tips To Improve Your Memory

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Some people believe that they have poor memory. Well, this is not true. What happens is that they have no memory in shape. They do not exercise it. Apart from not exercising the memory, there are some factors that negatively affect the ability to remember.

Among them:-little interest in what is studied (you live or work) – do not understand the subject matter. -Depend too on the Notepad or diary – read with the eyes. I.e. read only superficially, without involving the brain or mind in general there are other factors, but these will suffice as an example. Now we move on to the solution. 1.

Create an affirmation to reinforce your memory. My memory is excellent for example. You can create many more. I advise you to read the book, the power to transform our lives of Andrew Corentt. There you will find powerful techniques to create statements that help you improve memory and get everything you want. 2 Use the mnemonic or tricks to remember: mnemonic rules are a set of tricks, almost always language, to facilitate memorization. They are based to remember best what you is known or that you yourself have created. * Uses the technique of cartoon: which consists of constructing a story with elements that you want to remember. For example, if you want to remember a series of numbers might be: 007-727-180-7-10-2230-2300-2. Agent 007 climbed to the boeing 727. Saw a stewardess of 1.80 m and decided to request a seven (7) up to talk with her. He saw her watch were 10. The plane landed at 22: 30, invited her to leave and remained at 23: 00. They had dinner and talked until 2. * String technique: consists in linking the words within a summary or outline that have an essential meaning and which are logically related: example: to remember the first line of the periodic table of the chemical elements: Litio-berilio-boro-carbono-nitrogeno-oxigeno-fluor-neon. If you have to memorize this series, a good method is to make a sentence with the first or first few letters of each of these elements: the BBC does not work. It notes that the L of lithium has been used (La), the B of beryllium and boron, the C carbon (BBC), the N in nitrogen and oxygen O (), the Fluorine F and the N from Neon (doesn’t). If what you want is something more of science, then I recommend that you use the powerful acoustic technology. This acoustic technology takes your mind to a receptive State and makes your ability to learn, see multiplied and learn better and faster. And that remain on it permanently. Acoustic audio allow improve memory for fast, consistent and permanent way. Original author and source of the article.

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